Archled limited was formerly a foreign trade company of lighting, established in Shenzhen in 2015. It is mainly engaged in the export of LED lighting. Through the efforts of all members of the company, it has formed a certain scale advantage, and its business covers Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe. In 2019, in order to better serve international customers, the company changed its name to Shenzhen Shinstar Technology CO., LTD, and established a Hong Kong company named Archled Limited, and also the trademark Archled Lighting. At that time, the company has three holding production companies, six production lines, a total of three hundred employees to provide services for our company's production, ten lighting designers and engineering planners, the company has formed an international company integrating design, manufacturing, and trade. Archled is a professional lighting production and design trading company focusing on honest management, seeking truth from facts, customer first, brand production. The company has accumulated a lot of experience in the development of more than seven years, and conducted a lot of collation and analysis on the after-sales problems of Led fixtures. A large number of statistical classifications are carried out on customer anxiety and questions. We found that customers are mainly concerned about the product's waterproof problem, brightness problem, anti-corrosion problem, as well as anti-vibration and heat dissipation problems. In addition to product quality related issues, customers also care about price issues and always hope to purchase the best quality products at the cheapest price, while they are often cheated, thus after-sales and quality cannot be guaranteed. Regarding the price issue, you get what you pay for, the product with significantly lower price than the market must be defective. Everyone’s raw material prices are not much different. The only difference in cost is the company’s rent and staff costs, as well as marketing and promotion. The large company is large in scale, produces many products, and the increased cost evenly spread to the unit price of the product is small. The small company can reduce the rent and other expenses, and the cost of the product will not be much. The price difference between large companies and small companies between 10% and 30% is almost reasonable. If the price of a product is significantly lower than the market price by more than 60%, this is obviously a problem. Either the product’s raw materials are problematic, or the factory’s sales are problematic, even the problematic inventory is being cleared. Friends who have been to China know that the international price of the same product is very different from the domestic price, even more than 50%, the international purchase price is very expensive. This is because the cost of international marketing is very high, the cost of international B2B platform, the salary of foreign trade personnel, and the expenses of various exhibitions. These costs will eventually be calculated into the cost of the company’s products. In this way, buyers have to pay for the bill, which causes the high cost of international procurement. So is there a way to remove this part of the cost? Yes, separate trade and production, let those who do production concentrate on production, those who engage in trade concentrate on trade, concentrate resource advantages, give play to their strengths, so as to control the costs. The three-win model that allows producers or processors, brand design traders, and international buyers to profit, is our company's philosophy of honest management, seeking truth from facts, customer first, and brand production. Archled insists on honest management, seeking truth from facts, customer first, brand production philosophy, and never stop improving product quality, there is no best but better. We objectively solve various problems encountered by customers, and at the same time reduce costs by improving the process, and improve the competitiveness of our products through joint stock with domestic factories that have good experience in producing products. In order to make the brand quality more competitive, the company will cooperate with more raw material manufacturers to provide guarantee for cost and quality issues from the source. We believe that we are full of hope for the future, as long as all Archled people always keep in mind the solemn mission of "leading the trend of the times and striving for a better tomorrow", and are determined to abide by the values of "honest management, seeking truth from facts, customer first, brand production", and strictly follow the development philosophy of "being pragmatic, stronger, bigger, better", and longer", and vigorously promote the enterprise spirit of "pragmatism, professionalism, coordination and dedication", we will surely be able to achieve the grand goal of "a well-known international enterprise abroad" as soon as possible, realize the evergreen industry, and build the world's top 500.




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