Thank you for purchasing our company's DMX512 series products. This service is only for the replacement and after-sales of the controllers sold by the company.

DMX512 is a lamp protocol. With the support of this protocol, the controller can control the lamps and make some better effects. Of course, before leaving the factory, we will generally help customers achieve the desired effect. However, after using for a period of time, the end customer may have a new demand. You can contact us. Without replacing any lamps, with the cooperation of the complete lamp wiring diagram, we can do it for customers 3 times within the warranty period. Free control effect file production under DMX512 protocol.
To apply for DMX512 after-sales service, you need to provide the following information.
A complete PI information, let us know which project it belongs to.
2. Complete lighting wiring diagram.
Three types of control used.
Four question video or description of the desired effect.
If it is not the lamps purchased by our company, we need to provide DMX chip models of various lamps based on the above. Lamps that are not purchased by our company can be used for effects. If it is an old customer, you can do one or two after-sales for free.
If you need to replace the accessories, they will be replaced free of charge during the warranty period. Other circumstances require related expenses.



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