Thank you for purchasing our company’s led lamps and lanterns products. This service only provides PCBA replacement services for lamps sold by the company.

PCBA is the core of a lamp. After the lamp's service life expires, there will be many problems with the lamp. The main reason is that the PCBA has expired and needs to be replaced with a new one. Under normal circumstances, the housing of the lamp is still complete, but PCBA problems occur. All replacements require higher costs and will increase a lot of shipping costs. Replacement of waterproof IP65 or higher PCBA is the best choice.

This service generally requires a charge, mainly for after-sales and old customers whose warranty has expired. Generally, samples are not required, but samples need to be provided if the warranty period is too long. Check whether the old PCBA chip of the lamp exists. This service can also be aimed at customers who do not purchase products from our company. As long as they can provide samples, users who can pay the PCBA fee can enjoy it.



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