Thank you for purchasing Archled products, thank you! In order to allow you to use this product better, our company makes the following service promises to you through the website and PI, and provides you with service and maintenance services as promised.

These service commitments only apply to lighting products and accessories purchased through our company. If you choose to buy other companies' products, please contact their manufacturers after the sale. All promises are subject to product pi.

The three-guarantee service is as follows: within the warranty from the date of sale of the goods, if there is a non-human problem with the lamp, the consumer will repair or compensate the goods after sale.

If the self-sold product is repaired or compensated after the product is sold, the cost of related accessories and the whole lamp will be paid. The following conditions are not covered by the warranty: the valid PI that exceeds the pi. Use, maintain, repair and damage (man-made damage) without product instructions. Subsequent charges will be charged. The company can do after-sales service for lamps PCBA update, power failure, power failure, and DX512 performance failure after-sales service.



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